The Success Story: Landau Media AG

Introduction and Situation before the Project

Landau Media offers innovative media monitoring in print, TV, Internet and radio. The company researches, documents and evaluates the media presence of a company, its products or events. In addition to original items on media sheets, Landau Media compiles expressive resonance analyses and thereby creates the basis for future communication success. Two hundred well-qualified and motivated personnel in addition to an ISO-certificated production process guarantee high-quality products, competent advice and rapid news processing. Founded in 1997 by Lothar Landau, Michael Bush and Uwe Mommert, Landau Media has penetrated the top tier of the German media observers in a very short period of time. With a team of 15 software developers focusing on development and customer service, it was decided to implement Scrum with the help and support of the professional consulting skills of agile 42 GmbH.

Feedback and Results

As a company, the implementation of Scrum on our own was not sufficient to meet our goals. Therefore, we utilized the advanced skills of agile42 GmbH to coach and provide ongoing consulting expertise to help manage this transition in our current projects.

By helping understand the theory and the practical utilization of the tools and Scrum methods, Landau Media benefited enormously from agile42‘s methodology for implementing Scrum. As a result, the entire team now uses Scrum principles to achieve our aim of completing projects at the highest level and providing our customers with excellent service. agile42 definitely proved to be the best solution for us to reach our expected aims and goals.


For development teams of more than 8-10 developers, a software development methodology becomes essential. Implementing Scrum on your own is difficult. To guarantee success use experienced coaching support to train and coach teams through the transition. When choosing to implement an agile development methodology like Scrum, we recommend agile42 as the best partner for your business needs.