Why you need Coaching when you want to become Agile?

Training provides you with the knowledge about a specific topic, tools and, in case of Scrum, a common understanding about proven best practices and why agile methodologies work. Coaching builds on that knowledge and focuses on assisting people and teams to discover the most important steps to become Agile: It enables and accelerates their understanding of Agile Principles through everyday work practices. 

Doing only the practices without having fully understood the principles behind Agile will hinder and even prevent you from reaching continuous improvement, which is crucial to a long-lasting and sustainable Agile transformation.  

The agile42 Coaches are Experts 

We take great pride in our tradition of coaching, which is continuously being adapted to the needs of the company and teams. Our large network of coaches employed by agile42 in different regions around the world enables us to meet our customer’s language needs and location requirements - from working for smaller assignments in small local companies to large projects and international enterprises. 

Our Coaching Services

We are not only coaching your teams in Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP or other methodologies, but we also provide Executive Coaching and Training, since the Agile change of an organization is strongly tied to your executive's ability to lead and motivate the teams. Our senior coaches have many years of executive experience and strong business backgrounds from which to draw. They will support you during the Agile Transition and provide powerful tools, such as:

  • Agile Strategy Map™
  • The Team Coaching Framework™
  • Portfolio Board
  • Coach the Coach™

and many more. For large organizations all methods and tools are combined in our Enterprise Transition Framework™ which can also be used with new methods like Less, Dad, Kanban, SAFe.

In addition, we can also offer you coaching at a high EMCC accredited level.

Our Clients are our Partner

All agile42 coaches have real world experience managing software development teams or projects outside IT using Agile and Lean techniques. We are proud about our client base and the successful Agile implementations we have done and do every day for companies like Ericsson, Siemens, Skype, Nokia, Hypoport, eBuddy, Princeton Financial Systems, Wirecard, Saperion, Softkinetic, Ableton, TC Electronic, Babbel, Sony, Comprion, Chip and many many more. 

Recently coaches from agile42 have started providing coaching services to the Scrum Alliance within their unique organizational context.

Our Unique "Coach the Coach" Approach

Our approach is simple, but not easy. It is based on the support that we will give you when it is time to put methodologies and theories into practice. As part of our work, our agile42 coaches will train a team of internal coaches within your organization to support the transition process and to establish the change in mindset throughout the whole organization. 

With the help of our Team Coaching Framework™ we will be able to accelerate the new coaches’ learning and, thereby, effectively transfer our experience to your people. In this way you will be able to scale Agile within the organization, from one team to the next very effectively and consistently. In fact, we are using the same system internally. A system that has enough flexibility at its core in order to provide your company with a solution that suits your specific needs and not just a standard, one-size-fits-all.

What to Expect from agile42 Coaching

For us, coaching is not just consulting. We do not tell you what to do and we will not do the work for you, but rather we help you to find your own solutions and optimize your processes through retrospection and continuous improvement. In order to accelerate the implementation of a new method like Scrum or Kanban, effective on-the-job coaching is the key to becoming independent from external help. 

This is our aim: to help you find your way and achieve systematic continuous improvement as fast as possible. And it is only in this way that an Agile Transition can be successful and sustainable.

This Approach has been proven to be successful and sustainable in many projects and companies in the past 8 years.


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