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Besides delivering Consulting, Training and Coaching, we create and develop supporting tools based on real-world experience we gain working with our customers. Our Scrum tool offers range from simple reference sheets like the Scrum Cheat Sheet, through helpful games like Planning Poker to advance software solutions like Agilo with full support and/or hosting services.

Planning Poker & Business Value                    The 5-Why Cards of Scrum

The Scrum Tool Agilo

Agilo for Scrum

The next generation of Agilo for Scrum addresses the needs of each scrum role by providing anintuitive workflow that facilitates the ceremoniesof the scrum process, and by exposingsimple interfaces for managing the scrum artifacts.

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Agilo for trac

You are using trac? And you are working in an agile environement? Then Agilo for trac is the right agile and Scrum Tool. It delivers a robust platform and streamlined functionality for agile teams using trac and agile methodologies. Try Agilo for trac!

Planning Poker Cards

Using the Planning Poker Game you will be able to estimate your agile User Stories faster, more accurate and with lots of fun. 
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Business Value Game

The Business Value Game supports the Product Owner when communicating with the other Stakeholders. It is very helpful when you are prioritizing Requirements or User Stories.
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Both games come in one deck!

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The 5 Whys of Scrum

We often get asked how Scrum works, and why Scrum only has 3 roles, 3 artifacts and 3 ceremonies.

We wrote the 5 Whys of Scrum (20 Cards) to help teach the principles behind Scrum and provide some tips on successfully applying Scrum in the workplace.

The twenty 5-Why Cards explaining:

  • Why Scrum works
  • What's behind Scrum and agile
  • Talk about XP Practices

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