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Agilo - The Scrum Tool

Although it is possible to realize benefit from the scrum process alone, supporting the process with a tool that provides the ability to gather historic data in order to review progress and the ability to forecast and become the common repository for all project knowledge will increase the productivity of your team even further.

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Scrum Implementation

Would you like to get an overview on agile methods like Scrum? We collected some information to help you to understand what needs to be considered during your Scrum implementation and what is behind Lean Management.

Agile Starter Kit for Scrum, Kanban and more

Scrum Starter Kit

Do you want to start with Scrum?

Do you like to set up a Kanban Board?

The Scrum Starter Kit provides Scrum tools, book recommendations, decriptions for the Scrum Lego City and the Kanban Pizza which are helpful to start and support Scrum, Kanban and your agile workflows every day.

More about the Scrum Starter Kit...

 Agilo™for Scrum

The next generation of Agilo for Scrum addresses the needs of each scrum role by providing an intuitive workflow that facilitates the ceremonies of the scrum process, and by exposing simple interfaces for managing the scrum artifacts.

Scrumtisch Berlin

The Scrumtisch Berlin is an official SCRUM USER GROUP. Every 4-6 weeks we meet, talk, discuss, to exchange information on experiences and of course have a lot of fun.

 Scrum User Group Berlin sponsored by agile42

You can find more information on the Scrumtisch Website


Scrum Implementation

agile42 heeft al bij een groot aantal bedrijven Scrum succesvol geïntroduceerd. Agilo is gebaseerd op de ervaring die we bij deze bedrijven hebben opgedaan. Meer informatie en referenties vindt u hier:

Planning Poker

Planning Poker helpt met het inschatten van complexe taken. Het Planning Poker spel bevat ook het Business Value spel, waarmee Stakeholders prioriteiten in kunnen schatten van producteigenschappen en vereisten. Spelregels

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